The Vet Life

This is about 3 vet that live in Houston TX





Season 1 - The Vet Life
"Houston welcomes veterinarians Dr. Blue, Dr. Ross and Dr. Lavigne, who have their hands full with everything from risky surgeries to diagnosing sick chameleons. A car accident brings the practice to a halt as one of the doctors faces a long recovery."
"Dr. Ross is back at the clinic, but a check-up with a large per proves to be too much too soon. When pregnant Frenchie goes into early labor, Dr. Lavigne performs an emergency c-section. Dr. Blue plans a Texas outing, to help lift Dr. Ross\u2019s spirits."
"While Dr. Blue & Dr. Ross help a client at their goat farm, Dr. Lavigne must save a pup with an obstruction in his intestines and concerned family waiting. Dr. Blue & Dr. Ross compete in a cook-off to see who is the best grill master."
"Dr. Ross buys a mobile unit for community outreach and Dr. Blue enlists his brother to help deck it out. Back at the clinic, Dr. Ross examines an iguana for an abscess and Dr. Lavigne helps a paraplegic dachshund get a new set of wheels."
"Flooding has sent Houston into a state of emergency. While the clinic takes in displaced animals, Dr. Blue treats a puppy that has contracted a deadly disease from standing water. Dr. Lavigne and Dr. Ross examine a tiger found wandering in a neighborhood."
"Dr. Ross performs a life-altering surgery on a sweet pup given a second chance at life, while Dr. Lavigne examines a prickly pet. After treating an injured owl, Dr. Blue joins Dr. Ross on pig farm to examine a cute litter of tiny piglets that are sick."
"Dr. Lavigne must remove tumors from an older dog, while Dr. Ross tries to save a rabbit's foot that's been damaged by a dog attack. Before he can compete with Dr. Ross in a puppy-training competition, Dr. Blue visits farm to castrate an aggressive donkey."
"The clock is ticking as Dr. Blue performs an emergency C-section on a mother with two puppies stuck in her uterus, while Dr. Ross and Dr. Lavigne work on pets with serious eye issues. The vets test their on-camera skills to create a video for the clinic."
Season 2 - The Vet Life
"Dr. Ross treats baby kangaroos and works with the owners of a petting zoo to hold a fun event at the clinic to promote animal awareness. Dr. Blue removes a mass from a beloved pit mix, and Dr. Lavigne treats a vision and hearing impaired Great Dane."
"Aubrey sees a bearded dragon that's laying bad eggs. Michael mulls treatment for a boxer with a tumor on its toe. Diarra's dreams of motorcycle riding with his brother are put on hold by a health scare."
"The time has come for Dr. Ross and Tauvia to move out of his mama's house. Dr. Lavigne makes a life or death decision with Diesel, a mastiff who could have a toy lodged in his intestines. Dr. Blue sees a pig with an affection for household furniture."
"Dr. Ross and vet tech Kyerra rush to save a stray cat that's been brutally mangled by a car engine. The Ross' move into their new home while Dr. Blue treats a 700 lb. arthritic pig. Dr. Lavigne sees a rescue Chihuahua with an incredible story."
"Dr. Blue uncovers a big problem for a paralyzed Yorkie. Dr. Ross sees to a pair of roosters involved in a barnyard brawl before joining Dr. Lavigne on a hyena consultation. The Lavigne family hosts a dinner party showcasing Anne's cooking skills."
"The doctors battle it out to determine who will go to a vet conference in San Diego. Dr. Ross treats a kinkajou nearing his terrible twos, while Dr. Blue rids a Min Pin of drop dead breath. Dr. Lavigne suspects a cat has a contagious disease."
"Dr. Blue needs to act fast when a Rottweiler in labor is rushed into the hospital with two puppies stuck inside her. Then, the three vets grab the reins and their cowboy hats to ride horseback into town for Houston's biggest rodeo parade."
"The docs visit their alma mater for a class reunion and become professors for a day. A Shih Tzu is rushed to the clinic after swallowing a large piece of rawhide, while the owner of a pitbull with a deformed leg must consider drastic surgery."
"No description"
Season 3 - The Vet Life
"Dr. Blue opens up the clinic after Hurricane Harvey pours 30-plus inches of rain on the city of Houston, Texas; the doctors help animals affected by the storm, while dealing with the personal issues that Hurricane Harvey has brought to the city."
"The doctors are honored for their contributions to the community; a goat with a twisted leg; a Great Dane with a life-threatening condition; a bulldog is rescued from a puppy mill."
"Dr. Blue castrates five adult bulls on a vegan cattle ranch; a scary bulldozing occurs; a hen with a rough-mating injury; a young puppy is hit by a car."
"Tensions run high when Dr. Blue visits a cattle ranch to castrate five adult bulls; Dr. Ross treats a hen with an injury; a puppy needs a serious surgery after being hit by a car."
"Dr. Blue wants a home aquarium; Dr. Ross attempts to diagnose a dog with bizarre test results; Dr. Lavigne performs knee surgery on a bulldog; a lamb has breathing problems."
"Six sugar gliders turn Dr. Ross into their personal jungle gym; a young Chihuahua with atypical heart trouble; the doctors fish with a client."
"Dr. Ross examines a barred owl that was hit by a car, but he hopes will fly again; the doctors also visit an animal rescue center and get close to Texas wildlife."
"Dr. Blue surprises his wife with a romantic wedding vow renewal in Las Vegas; a Schnauzer being boarded at the clinic needs medical help from Dr. Lavigne; Dr. Ross treats a very ornery parrot; a senior dog with a recurring eye mass."
Season 4 - The Vet Life
"A pit bull suffers a raccoon attack; an aggressive ferret; the vets test their pig-whispering skills at an animal rescue; the doctors have a surprise announcement for their wives."
"Dr. Lavigne sees a surprise on an X-ray of one of his favorite patients; Dr. Ross flexes his exotic vet chops with a fennec fox and a kinkajou with a highly contagious infection; Dr. Blue has his hands full with a former frat house pig named Aubie."
"DescriptionA dog has chewed off her own tail; a reptile may need a tail amputation; Dr. Lavigne helps Sutter Butter, a cat rescued from being thrown out of a car, and is now having seizures."
"Dr. Blue recruits Dr. Ross to tackle two wolf spays at a local sanctuary; Dr. Lavigne performs surgery on a pit bull with a torn ACL; new vet Dr. Fedke treats a cat with a creepy, crawly injury."
"Dr. Lavigne performs a risky surgery on a loving pit bull with a record-breaking tumor; Dr. Ross examines a rescue pigeon turned pet; an aspiring vet student joins Dr. Blue at Cy-Fair; the doctors deal with a heartbreaking situation at the clinic."
"Bubby Cook, a beloved Basset Hound, has a condition that could complicate surgery for Dr. Ross; Dr. Blue has a hog house call; Dr. Lavigne has concerns over his vet tech assisting with an operation on her own dog; a blackout creates chaos at Cy-Fair."
"Yuki the bulldog ate something she shouldn't have and it's up to Dr. Blue to find it; Dr. Lavigne and his wife learn how to do alternative home care on Suki, an amputee rescue cat his family adopted."
"After treating a yoga goat, Dr. Blue brings his best namaste to a herd house call; Dr. Lavigne has his hands full with a trained protection dog who's not a fan of him or the cameras; a party reveals if the Blues will be adding pink to their family."
Season 5 - The Vet Life
"Dr. Blue must figure out what's wrong with Niko, a lethargic dog that may have eaten his mom's shorts; Dr. Lavigne operates on a husky with a torn ligament; Dr. Ross faces an emergency with his own family pet."
"An itchy pig with a mean bite tries to take a chunk out of Dr. Blue, while Dr. Lavigne uses a unique method to fix a small dog's broken leg; Dr. Ross helps a rescue dog whose injuries may have gone untreated for too long; the docs go for gold."
"Dr. Lavigne treats a French bulldog with a very vocal breathing problem that requires a special surgery, before joining Dr. Blue on a pet pig transport; Dr. Ross has an exam with Gurgi the guinea pig, who is coughing and sneezing."
"Dr. Lavigne must decide during surgery if a giant schnauzer can keep his ear; a poodle named Jay-Z with suspicious symptoms needs Dr. Blue's help; Dr. Ross removes tumors from a rat; the vets pose with pets for a calendar to help animals in Haiti."
"Dr. Blue performs a difficult surgery on a Dalmatian being weighed down by a grapefruit-sized tumor on his head; Dr. Ross brings his family together to get a service dog for his brother Tedric, who has been suffering from seizures his whole life."
"Ross closely examines a duck with a lump in his throat; Dr. Lavigne uses x-ray film during surgery in a very unexpected way; Dr. Blue tries to uncover a guinea pig mystery at the clinic; Dr. Lavigne's wife joins a local roller derby team."
"No description"
Season 6 - The Vet Life
"No description"